Monday, March 16, 2009

My fabric stash

So as you might not know, I frequent the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, and they have been showing all of these beautifully organized sewing rooms! Well, mine is not!! So this weekend, I decided to do something about it.

This is the result of my Saturday! Part one of my sewing room organization. Now I feel ready to start creating again! I still have to do parts 2-4, but at least my fabric is organized! This week I will be doing mostly monogramming. I have a ton of embroidering to do! First up is a kitchen towel. I am participating in my first blog swap! I thought I would start off slow and an embroidered kitchen towel seemed like a quick and easy thing to test my newbie swapping skills on. It is being organized by a new blog that I've started to follow, clicketyclak. I wanted to do it last week, but just didn't get around to it, with all of the "school" stuff going on. Now that the BBQ is over and was an awesome success, I can get back to creating. I have a few things to do for a wedding this coming weekend, and some things for the upcoming Strawberry Festival. I am also going to attempt a raincoat or poncho with some cute vinyl I have. April showers are coming soon, and by the looks of the weather today may already be here!

I have a new quilt order! Someone really liked my latest "boy" version of the LSU quilt and would like one for a new baby coming in May. It will be slightly different, because I TRY not to make them all look alike! So again, I am starting my week with a positive attitude about how much I will accomplish! We will see the reality as the week progresses. Until later...

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Donna said...

I was in the sew mama sew fat quarter swap, like I need more!!!

Thanks for posting about my kitchen towel swap on your blog.

Donna aka clicketyclak